"How the Pros Stop 'Plumbing Emergencies' Dead in Their Tracks! "

Emergency Plumbing Services in North Shore Chicago, IL

Picture this...

The day is done.

You're about to get some well deserved rest (before it starts all over again tomorrow).

And that's when you hear the sound of dripping water...

You get up to investigate the cause.
It could be anything: a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, a clogged sink...

At first, it does not seem like much of a problem and by itself it isn't.

But, that's when reality starts to set in and you realize what you're in for:

potential water damage to property

'inconvenience factor' (face it, your plans for tomorrow are ruined)

'gouge factor' (additional costs associated with "emergency plumbing services")

Stop right there and follow these simple steps...


Immediately locate the water valve feeding the source(each faucet has one).


Turn the valve Clockwise to shut-off the water (due to lack of use, a small amount of water may temporarily leak from the valve; I recommend placing a small container underneath).


If the water continues to flow, locate and close the water main (this will stop water to your entire house).

Finally, call us at 773-871-9000 (and store our number into your phone's memory). We'll come to your home and fix the problem.