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Most people view their home's plumbing as a series of pipes, fixtures, and drains. What most people don't realize that a home's plumbing system is actually a single complex machine made up of pipes, fixtures, and drains. The system has several purposes:

  • Provide clean water upon demand
  • Heat a portion of the water
  • Provide heated water upon demand
  • Safely remove waste water
  • Protect the home's air-quality from waste gases (nobody ever guesses this one)

What does this have to do with garbage disposals?

A good garbage disposal insures the proper break-down of waste from clogging a main-line. Otherwise, particle build-up will eventually lead to a serious mainline clog.

A properly installed quality disposal can save you hundreds if not thousands!

Think of a good disposal as a great investment in your home's future. Again, a poorly functioning disposal can lead to a major clog or even damage a home's mainline. Insist on only professional installation on a quality disposal.

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