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A clogged drain can easily put a damper on your day, week or month! If the problem is big enough, it could plague you for the whole year. Being prepared to respond to a clogged drain yourself is great, and having the number of a trusted emergency plumber handy is very important!

Good Plumbing, Inc. serves the Chicago, IL and North Shore Chicago, IL areas with pride! We’ve been helping residents and businesses clear their clogged drains for years. Our clientele comes back whenever they have an issue and they know that Good Plumbing, Inc. will handle their issue in the most budget-conscious and time-effective manner possible.
If you have a drain that you can’t unclog yourself, call Good Plumbing, Inc. to quickly help clear that clogged drain.

The most serious plumbing problem is now the easiest of all home repairs for you to solve.

Drainage & sewer problems can be a major headache if they're not handled quickly and efficiently. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur. Ultimately costing you a small fortune.

Our state-of-the-art detection equipment can locate a plumbing problem almost as fast as you can call to report it.


Call us at 773-871-9000 and get it done right now with Good Plumbing, Inc. for professional results. Our trained and licensed technicians are available to accommodate your busy schedule.


With years of training and scores of satisfied customers, Good Plumbing, Inc has the experience to fix your clog right the first time!

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